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Consulting & Database Development Services

Consulting & Database Development Services


Consulting & Database Development Services

Consulting & Database Development Services

Consulting & Database Development Services


Classroom Rental

Consulting & Database Development Services

Classroom Rental

SST Classroom Rental

Training Classes


Proven training solutions...designed for business productivity

Software Solutions Team provides the following training services:

  • hands-on, instructor-led training classes
  • design training schedules
  • register employees for training
  • provide outlines to employees
  • arrange pre and post skill assessments
  • supply reports to training directors
  • instructional design of courseware
  • "help desk" support
  • arrange private one-on-one training
  • customize training courses for your employees
  • classroom rentals

Our Training Philosophy

Software Solutions'  training goal is to make the use of computer technology more productive and rewarding for both the individual and the organization.  To achieve this we incorporate the following philosophical and practical framework for our training programs and instructors:

Our Instructors

  • are committed to a "keep it simple" strategy.  Their focus is to get the message across rather than impress the customer with their knowledge.
  • possess dynamic communication and presentation skills along with a proven track record in successful group training.
  • have a strong working knowledge at all levels (introductory, intermediate, and advanced) of their assigned software product and its use in the business environment.
  • explain both simple and complex concepts and functions to all levels of users with a "No Question is Ever Stupid" attitude.
  • continually explain the benefits of certain features and functions during the training process and relate it to the customer's work environment.

Our Courseware

We use professionally published and certified training guides for every course taught, and also provides custom training guides and company or department practice guides on request. 

All of our training guides use easy to follow step-by-step instructions for both class use and for permanent reference.  They recommend the easiest and simplest approach to get the job done. Training courseware provides examples that parallel those in the customer's office.

Class Policies & Satisfaction Guarantee

Software Solutions Team offers a training guarantee on all of their classes including the ability to repeat a class.

Here is what Central Coast organizations are saying about Software Solutions:

Consulting & Database Development


Solutions...with your productivity in mind

The clock does not stop in business...you need solutions now!

While our quality training will dramatically improve an organization's employee skills sets, often you need a solution to critical business applications now.  Software Solutions Team offers comprehensive consulting, database and project management development that can affect immediate improvements in your organizations day-to-day operations.  As we focus on how to get the most results with the minimal amount of employee effort, our goal is speed and efficiency...from design to implementation.


From creating document and spreadsheet templates, to constructing database programs to automate your business processes, we can help.  While others can build solutions, Software Solutions Team offers the critical difference:  as we are a training company first and foremost...we want you to own the solutions.  All of our development services are designed to insure that what we develop, you can maintain and expand over time.  What we build for you, we will train you to use effectively.

Are you in spreadsheet purgatory?  We can develop Microsoft Access database systems that can link your critical business data and take you out of limbo.  We build systems that get you the critical results and reports you need to make business decisions.  From contact management, to inventory, operation, or financial systems, local and national organizations have turned to us to develop comprehensive solutions.  We can develop proposals for you on an hourly basis or for the entire project.  Contact us today for no cost consultation.  We want to be your local resource for development services...and back it with our incredible customer support and training programs.