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Microsoft Word Courses

Word Introduction

This course includes creating, editing and saving documents; Print Preview and Print option; selecting, copying, and moving text; changing fonts and formatting text; understanding paragraph formatting, including alignment, line spacing, tabs, bullets/numbering, and indents; using AutoText and AutoCorrect; creating simple tables; page setup, basic headers/footer; running spell and grammar checks. This class is filled with valuable tips and is not a remedial course!  (2013/16/19/365 version)

Prerequisites: Windows Introduction or previous Windows experience.

Word Intermediate

This course includes creating section breaks, multiple columns, using and creating Styles, outlines, headers and footers, creating and formatting tables, watermarks and graphics, creating templates, and tracking document changes, adding comments, and comparing revisions.  (2013/16/19/365 version)

Prerequisites: Word Introduction or equivalent experience.

Word Advanced

This course is for the very skilled Word user who wants to learn more advanced techniques.  Topics include:  mail merge for form letters and mailing labels; creating and modifying online forms; working with long documents; including tables of contents, indexes, footnotes and endnotes, and hyperlinks; automating actions with macros; customizing menus and toolbars.  (2013/16/19/365 version)

Prerequisites: Word Introduction and Intermediate, or equivalent experience.

Word Advanced (pdf)


Word Intermediate (pdf)


Word Introduction (pdf)


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