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Adobe Acrobat Courses

Adobe Acrobat Forms Essentials (Half-day class)

This half-day class is designed to give you the skills necessary to create “fillable” forms using the built in form tools of Adobe Acrobat Professional. You will learn design approaches to creating forms; the Form toolbar; how to add form fields (text, check boxes, radio button, list boxes); how to set form properties/behaviors; how to set tab order; and how to add action buttons to clear forms or submit form via e-mail. Note: This class does not cover use of Adobe LiveCycle or Forms Central.

Prerequisites: Basic Windows and word-processing experience, plus some exposure to Acrobat Professional.

Adobe Acrobat Introduction

In Acrobat Introduction (Professional version), you will explore the Acrobat  work environment, and practice creating and manipulating Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Some of the topics you will cover include: how to create a PDF file, how to modify a PDF file by adding navigation to it, how to annotate (add additional comments to) a PDF file, how to add security to PDF documents, and how to distribute PDF's.

Prerequisites: Windows Introduction or previous Windows experience.

Adobe Acrobat DC Intro (pdf)


Adobe Acrobat Forms Essentials (pdf)


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